Providing surety and fidelity bonds for protection.

Examples of Bonds

Public Official

Examples of such are Court Clerks, Dog Catcher, Judges, Mayors, Public Official Name Schedule, Public Official Postion Schedule, Tax Collectors, Treasurers and much more.

License & Permit

Examples of such are Broker Dealer/Securities Dealer bonds, Contractors License bonds, Gasoline Tax bond, Insurance Adjuster bonds, Mortgage Broker bonds, Motor Vehicle Dealer bonds, Outdoor Advertising bonds, Plumber, Electrician License bonds, Real Estate Broker bonds, Private Detective License bonds, Sign License bonds, Small Loan License bonds, Street Obstruction bonds and much more.

Bonds Defined

Notary Bonds

Guarantee that the Notary Public will faithfully preform the duties s prescribed by the laws. Protection for the general public from the Notary not preforming their duties.

Public Official

Most Public Official bonds are required by law and are generally conditioned to guarantee a public officer's faithful performance of duty. The Public Official bond protects the taxpayers and the penalty of the bond should be adequate to protect their interests.

License & Permit

Businesses sometimes require permission from a governmental body to start and continue in business. Many permits can only be granted after the business hs posted bond guaranteeing that the laws, ordinancer and/or regulations relating to that business will be complied.

Court Bonds

Court bonds are required of parties to a lawsuit who seek remedies that the law allows only when a bond is posted. These bonds protect a party in litigation from possible loss resulting in a courts' action in granting a privilege to the other party.

Bond List

Business Services

Business Service Bond

Contractor License

Contractors License Bond - Compliance (Obligee: All others except the State of Virginia)
Contractors License Bond - With 3rd Party Liability (Obligee: All others except the State of Virginia)

Court - Plaintiff

Attachment - All other courts: $50,000 and under
Attachment - All other courts: Over $50,000
Cost - All other courts: $50,000 and under
Cost - All other courts: Over $50,000
Garnishment - All other courts: $50,000 and under
Garnishment - All other courts: Over $50,000
Injunction - All other courts
Sheriff Indemnity - All other courts
Temporary Restraining Order - All Other Courts


ERISA Bond with Inflation Guard (Fidelity)

License & Permit

Commonwealth of Virginia - Malt Beverage Manufacturers, Bottlers or Wholesalers
Commonwealth of Virginia - Mortgage Broker
Commonwealth of Virginia- Surplus Lines Broker


Commonwealth of Virginia - Lottery Retailer
Lost Instrument - cashier ck/money order (fixed amt. over $500)
Lost Instrument - cashier ck/money order (fixed amt. up to $500)
State of Virginia - Patient Funds
Utility Payment Bond

Public Official

(Dual Position) All Treasurer and tax collector or Treasurer collector (except State Treasurer)
All other public officials without funds handling
All other Treasurers (except State Treasurer)
All Subordinate Employees handling money
All Tax Collectors, or any Official charged with duties of Tax Collector
Court Clerk
Deputies and all subordinates of Treasurer, Tax Collector or Treasurer-Collector
Deputies handling money - Peace Officers
Justice of the Peace
Peace Officers
Sheriff and subordinates
Township Trustee

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